Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Darling Buds of May

What a lovely time of year is May!  I love the warmer days, when the nights are still quite cool.  I love the laundry flapping in the breeze, absolutely bone-dry and sweet smelling when you bring it in!

I love all the blossoms and trees just starting to stir.  We have quite a few different apples trees in our garden and the flowers are all blooming now, all different colours and fragrances.

Our 17th wedding anniversay came and went also.  It's a cliche, but I truly feel it was just a couple of years ago! We married in a registry office, with just my in-laws, as my own parents were gone quite a few years at that point.  I wore a knee length white dress with irises and freesias in my hair.  I think I'd wear something much more glam and sparkly if I were doing it now!  We've both grown a lot, through good times and some frankly devastating times.  And I do believe we're more in love now than we were then, if that's possible.  A little detail from my now, quite shabby, wedding dress:

I made some coconut cupcakes for afternoon tea on the day (thank you Ina Garten for the recipe!) washed down with a little champagne in the sunshine:


They (those in the fairy-know) say if you bath your face with early morning dew on May Day, you'll have a beautiful complexion all the coming year!  I haven't missed an early May Day morning in quite a few years and while I was out in my pajamas scooping up the misty drops, I took a picture of this solitary bluebell - the epitome of May.  And a flower much beloved of the Fairy Folk...

I hope you're having a magical, wonderful month so far.  I'll leave you with an image of my much loved orange cat Charlie, out and about in the garden, doing his cat thing!  ~Siobhan xox