Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hello Irish Summer!

Just a tiny little bit of time has passed since my last post!! Everyday life and its ups and downs waylaid me a bit, but I'm back on track on now. A few photos from this part of Ireland.  May has been a typical Irish-weather month with moments of blazing sun, then torrential downpours and dark clouds.

This place has become my sanctuary, I love our forestry. After 12 years, it has really become a proper 'grown-up' forestry, filled with moss, ferns and birds. I can think and breathe here. 

The moss is green, soft and luscious.

Early morning cobweb. So intricate.

I always find feathers on my walks. I'm a bit of a feather-fanatic.

I bought myself a couple of treats last month.  This compact is awesome. And so much better than my grubby, broken, 20 year old Clinique one.  I got it on Etsy.

I also saved up for a package from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Oh the delight! This beautiful card was inside. I love it.

My boy, Charlie Parker. He could give Grumpy Cat a run for his money.

Listening to my MP3 while waiting in the car.  I love the Brain Sync downloads. They do actually work!

A Gothic companion for lunch, at work, on Friday. He was super cool.

I hope you're having a lovely early summer wherever you are.

~Siobhan x