Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Birthday Week

I had a big birthday last week. I'm quite reticent about saying how old I am now, because, quite honestly, I can't believe I'm that age! I'm not vain about it particularly, it's just I don't want to be pidgeon-holed or labelled. The age I am now is different than it was in the '50s or even '70s, but still...sigh...I feel like I'm still about 16!

I'm finishing a spell of 10 days off in a row - bliss - but unfortunately have to face the fact that I'm back to work tomorrow.

We went up to Dublin on my birthday for a stroll around and hit Avoca Handweavers, a favorite spot of mine, on the way home. A few little snapshots from this delectable store:

In the end, all I bought was two bars of soap! If you care to take a dreamy look around their online store, just click here: Avoca Handweavers.

Then, because I was feeling a bit giddy and like I actually was 16, we stopped for ice creams:

An Italian birthday dinner that night with friends, too much to eat and drink and I'm still recovering!

Hope you're having a lovely week wherever you are and do remember, age really is just a number! xox

Friday, July 2, 2010

The End of a Good Day

I just had to write a few words about today.

I had such a good day! I don't know about everyone else, but I rarely have a day where one nice, or good, thing happens....all day long!

Firstly, I saw a bit of karma in action this morning, which left me smiling and thinking, what a lovely start to the day! I often wonder, when people are rude, or disrespectful or downright nasty, why don't I see karma biting them in the you-know-what? I never see it happen, but today I did. It was very satisfying! :)

I'm off work for the next 10 days, holidays, and I have a BIG birthday coming up next week. At the morning coffee break, I was taken completely by surprise by my co-workers, a gi-normous fudge chocolate cake, candles and a card. It was so lovely and I felt very special.

Then, a friend at work I'm particularly close to, came by later with a very generous voucher for my favorite store. Ok, at this point, I was thinking, can this day get any better? Oh yes it can! heehee

My boss let me off early - yippee - and when I came home, there was a package from one of my all-time-favorite places to shop, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. If you love fragrances, you must pay them a visit. Along with the perfume oil I ordered, they very sweetly included free little samples (they call them imps ears) - oh my - just divine.

And this is what I feel like doing now in the dark, mossy woods...

So, now I've lit some candles (Jasmine and Feu du Bois) and I'm sitting with my honey, feeling grateful for the day that was.  It gives me hope I can have some more days like this...simple pleasures.

Have a magical, wonderful weekend and look for enchantment everywhere!  ~Siobhan xox