Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Three months since my last post? Disgraceful!

To be honest, after the crash on the black ice in December, I haven't been quite myself.

Work was very challenging, people were very difficult (or so it seemed to me!) and dark winter nights were dreary and lonely-feeling instead of being cosy and warm.

Then, the Christchurch earthquake happened. Absolutely devastating. We all felt incredibly sad and useless.

Then, as we ate breakfast one morning, we watched a giant tsunami hit Japan. Breakfast was abandoned as we watched in horror.

The world appeared very bleak and like everyone else, I found it difficult to be positive and pick myself up, mentally-speaking.

I read the lovely Milla's post today over at The Girl Who Married A Bear, and I felt inspired to write a few words at my own blog.

The Spring sunshine is warm and beaming here, the daffodils are out, the birds, in particular the Blackbirds (my favourites) are chattering away crazily and I can finally feel the grey-ness starting to lift.

So, I thought I'd share a few things that in the past couple of weeks have made me smile and helped me get my creative mojo going again! I hope you enjoy! ~Siobhan xox

1.  A stunning Gothic necklace I'm saving up for.
2. The most exquisite perfumes from For Strange Women.
3.  The yummiest caramel brownies ever! And I have actually baked them!
4.  Amazingly beautiful doll - I want!!
5.  Beautiful original artwork from the oh-so-talented Paulina Cassidy.
6.  A rather dreamy dress I'd like to wear out to dinner...
7.  Pure decadence from Villainess Soaps.
8.  Baby Bat Rescue - I can't stand the cuteness!


Ashy Ash said...

i love the gothic necklace! def. worth saving up for!

vintage process said...

Really nice blog!

JT said...

Oh my goodness, those brownies look divine. I may have to break my diet for a day and make a batch.