Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween silently approaches...

I love the expression on this adorable girl's face as it mirrors a little of the way I'm feeling at the moment  -   bewildered, bemused and a little scared.

There's a very peculiar energy around at the moment and I'm finding it most uncomfortable.  I feel insecure (for no particular reason), ungrounded, tired and most annoyingly, fearful.  I wake up in the morning and I feel apprehensive.  I think about the day ahead and there isn't anything to be scared about, but there it is, like a big grey fog all around me - this indescrible and vague fear. 

I've also found that the spirit clearing work that I do through my website has increased hugely in the last month or so, which is a nice lift for the old bank balance, but quite a drain on me.  Everyone's paranormal problems are also based on fear - could it be that I've absorbed some of their feelings?  Or is this energy that seems to be worldwide stirring up the restless souls that do, most definitely, wander the Earth?

I'm trusting this peculiar time will pass.  I am so looking forward to Halloween - it's my absolute favourite holiday and usually revs my energy up no end.
I'd love to hear how you all have been - is life treating you wonderfully or are you sensing the strangeness that I am?

Wishing you an enchanted Halloween with much fun and merriment! More personal photos next blog entry, I promise! 

~Siobhan xox

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Little Gothic Horrors said...

Oh, I love the vintage photos. The little witch is adorable, and I know what you mean about the expression of apprehension on the first little girl's face!

I think there is a general feeling of fear and uncertainty abounding everywhere at the moment. I know that I've been feeling it, especially as the state of the economy is starting to have an affect on me at a personal level. It's a vicious cycle. The more we fear the worse things get. Whether that fear energy might be responsible for churning up the spirit world is an interesting question.

Here's to happier, fear-free times ahead! And have a wonderful Halloween!!!