Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Cold and Eerie Month of December

December 2011 has begun in a cold, stormy and windy fashion. This time last year I had crashed the jeep on black ice (yikes) and one day last week, on my way to work, on a very small country road, I passed three car accidents and one overturned jeep in treacherous conditions. I don't think we Irish are very skilled at icy roads!

Anyway, a few photos from around home and what I've been up to so far this December.

This has been a familiar scene everyday:

Pleeeeease take us for a walk!

Which of course I do, no matter what the weather. Because I love them so much! I try to take the camera and snap a few shots, in between throwing sticks and chasing them around.  These are few things I photographed:

Red berries

Holly Berries


The berry photos were all taken a couple of weeks ago (very late blackberries and fairy-blasted no doubt) and there isn't a berry around today. Sure sign of a very cold winter!

Lovely pheasant - doesn't she blend in well?

And busy bird-feeders!

And, after all that, I come in to sit before our wood-burning stove and dry out the boots.  I wish I could have pretty, flower covered, clean boots, but these ones really earn their keep!

Then there was a spot of baking, as that's something I love to do when it's cold and wet outside:

Dulche de Leche Brownie ingredients

The finished article! Notice the gooey caramel and slightly underdone centre? Yum!

Drunk with a cup of hot Earl Grey Tea.

So, that's been my December so far.  Christmas is coming swiftly.  I want to wish all of you a peaceful, happy and lovely Yule holiday, and I hope that you get everything that you wish for.  Thank you so much for visiting my little blog all year and thank you for your lovely comments - they mean so much.

Merry Christmas  and a wonderful 2012, from me to you ~Siobhan xox


Vivienne Moss said...

Looks like a lovely start to December. love your shepards. I grew up with them and miss them very much. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

Winter Blessings, V.

Lone Alaskan Gypsy said...

I love your boots! They're similar to the kind I use. They have personality. Much better than frilly flower boots :)

Beautiful picture of the boots and the woodstove by the way. It really spoke to me. Just says 'home'.

Terri said...

Have a warm and cozy December!

Mirthe said...

that looks so good! merry christmas to you as well

Petra Brown said...

Gosh, I like the look of those Brownies! Yum!
Stay safe, Siobhan, happy new year! :)

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Beautiful photos and your doggies are just adorable! Those brownies look absolutely scrumptious, and I'm completely craving one with coffee now!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and the very best wishes for a happy and prosperous year in 2012.

Emma xx

ruthie said...

I do so hate driving on frosty roads, the gritter lorries seem to miss patches Im sure. I've had an accident on black ice, so horrible! It all felt like it was in slow motion.

Muddy boots are interesting boots, with a tale or two to tell im sure ;-) Thats just what i tell myself!

Hope you keeping warm over there x