Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sparkling New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends!  I wish you all things magical and wonderful for 2014!

Just a few pictures to start off for 2014.  Apologies for wonky widths and weird lines - I'm battling with Blogger, hopefully I'll tidy this up shortly!

I love the beginning of a new year.  It puts a bit of a pep-in-your-step for fresh ideas, grand plans and dreams that I love!  I'll be working on new projects for Moonslipper, writing more, painting more and making time for doing things that I love.  What will you be focussed on for 2014? I'd love to hear!

I love crunchy leaves! Even though it's January, it's so mild, there's a real Autumnal feel to everything!

Out for a wintery walk.  I love Kaiser's head.  He's also known as 'Fluffy'.  He's not happy with that nickname. :)
Our barometer (which is spookily accurate) has been stuck in this position for weeks, frequently straying to 'Stormy'

One of my treasured possessions -  Lady Wilde's book, 1917 edition.
It has all kinds of essential information in it, such as how to become invisible. Excellent reading material for stormy Irish nights!
This chair.  Oh my word, I want to cover everything in my house with purple velvet right now!

A bag of Dolly Mix at work.  I ate the whole bag! It was gooood.

Coffee after work.  Sketching and jotting, thinking and planning about 2014.  A cappuccino helps with the process. 
Wishing you much love and happiness for this New Year.  Thank you so much for visiting and leaving lovely comments.

~Siobhan xox


Kate Mossy said...

I am a collector of old books, that one is a beauty! I love your space here.

The Wild Fairy said...

Thanks for dropping by Kate! Collecting old books is a bit of an addiction, isn't it? :)
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Oh, I can't believe I missed this post! Perfect pictures to inspire a little pep for 2014.

Ooooh... that 'Ancient Legends of Ireland' book looks fabulous!! And the purple chair... *swoon*

I hope 2014 is going well so far, Siobhan! xo

Ms Misantropia said...

Oh my. Yes, THAT chair.