Sunday, August 8, 2010

One of my favourite blogs is Lauren's and it's not just because she has a German Shepherd like we do (although it's one of it's many attractions!)  Lauren has a light, fun writing style and I always feel uplifted and happier after reading it.  Anyway, she has a Fill in the Blank Friday quiz and I've joined in.  Some little known facts about me...

1. Today for breakfast I ate…two slices of cinnamon toast with nutmeg and two cups of insanely strong coffee with real cream. Yum.

2. My go to/never fail recipe…fried chicken…the secret is in the breadcrumb mix…(fresh parmesan)

3. Something I eat that other people think is weird…peanut butter sandwiches with dill pickle. Divine I tell you!

4. My worst cooking disaster ever was…any gravy. I just can’t make gravy.

5. If I could only eat one flavor of ice cream the rest of my life it would be…really good quality chocolate ice cream. Or maybe vanilla…I can’t choose!

6. One food I hate and avoid at all costs is…fish. I’d like to eat it, but it makes me very queasy.

7. What is your favorite meal? Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Breakfast! We travelled a lot when I was small and the family story that did the rounds forever was about the time they had to hold a flight for me because I wouldn’t get on the plane until I ate my breakfast in an airport restaurant. I was holding onto the table – and my breakfast – with a death grip. That was in the days when they held flights. I’m still the same. Don’t ask me to function (or be pleasant) until I’ve had my breakfast.

Why not pop on over to Lauren's blog and have your very own Fill in the Blank Friday quiz...I'd love to know more about you!
Have a great Sunday ~Siobhan xx


Caroline said...

I love cinnamon toast!! MMM! MMM!

Nicole Bingham said...

Your blog is SUPER cute! I'm going to follow you! I'd be so happy if you'd follow me back! Thanks again, Nicole Mariana

Jorgelina said...

Your blog is adorable!