Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Easy-does-it December...

I knew that December was going to be a rocky month - astrologically speaking and it has proved true.

Ireland was deluged with Arctic snow and sub-zero temperatures the first week of this delightful month, which may look fairytale-ish, but when you live in the country over here, the roads aren't cleared and you're pretty much stuck. I ventured out in our jeep,creeping along (I'm a real scaredy cat) and suddenly it took off sideways down a road and crashed into a stone wall. Yikes. Big hole in the door and cracked bumper and a driver (me) with a serious phobia now of driving on snow and ice. Sigh.

This was followed by a co-worker who wouldn't come in during the snow, so I had major overtime and stress and super tiredness set in. I'm not so nice when I'm tired!

So, we're at the 15th of December now and I thought I'd post some pictures of life here in Ireland, no crashed jeeps though!

Our wonderful fireplace and stove that has kept us all snug as bugs during this freezing weather.

The books that have kept me entertained, and sane, during the snow-in!

The lane to our house, so beautiful, so dangerous!

Mega-icicles hanging from our bedroom window. Shiver....

One magical night-scape, a waning moon and a shining star (or planet)

Phew...I hope your December has been better than mine so far.  Stay safe and enjoy the run-up to Christmas.  Magic is truly everywhere.  ~Siobhan xox

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Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Well that was weird. I was just in the middle of a comment and my computer decides to reconfigure and all was lost. Ahhh... well. It was something like this... hmmm.. hello new friend! I am so glad you are o.k. You are welcome to find respite in my faerytale blog and portfolio blog anytime for that is the sole purpose for me, as well. I live in Wisconsin and the cold has whipped its icy fingers around my town, too. Frozen kitchen sinks in a 1800's house, brrr... My parents live out in the country and they, too get stuck for days. Drifts four feet high, etc. So, be safe dear and love the bundling up and the books you use to create your nest. I love to know about Ireland for when I am asked if you could live anywhere besides the U.S. I say, I would always want a home here, but if I could live anywhere else it would be south west Ireland. Not many people get that, hee hee. Most would choose Hawaii, or the Bahammas, the Mediterranean, etc. Ahh... the Celt girl in my is too strong, I guess. Well, the little ones are getting up for school. Blessings dear wild fairy! Nice to meet you.!
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