Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween has Arrived!

A very Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to everyone! I love this holiday so much! There’s a little bubble of excitement inside me and I feel like something exciting is about to happen! Nothing much planned for tonight, just lighting lots of candles and possibly making a Barm Brack this morning for nibbling later on.

I haven’t been blogging much of late as life has been quite challenging recently and it’s been difficult to find little glimpses of happiness and fun to write about. There’s a strange energy about at the moment and I’m not the only one to be feeling the strain, that’s for sure. I’ve just been keeping my head down, avoiding confrontation and eating chocolate!

Anyway, just to catch you up on my life recently! are offering free shipping to Ireland this weekend and as Freya’s Spell Bottles are doing particularly well on Moonslipper at the moment I thought I’d treat myself to a new dress! Woohoo! So this is the one I bought:

Needless to say, I do not have legs like the lovely model, so maybe I'll wear it over jeans or leggings? I should have it this week – I absolutely love getting parcels in the mail!

And talking about Moonslipper and the Spell Bottles, do drop by and take a peek at them, they’re made by Freya, an old friend of mine and they are just gorgeous to look at.

We’ve also been getting some amazing feedback from customers about the actual spells too – they’re getting results! That’s what I like to hear! Click here to read some more.

And we finally finished our Chinese Horoscopes for 2011 – they’re more in-depth than any other year and I think they’re fantastic. It’s the Year of the Rabbit….

Check out what sign you are and what 2011 holds in store for you here - I know you'll really enjoy them!

I hope you have a fun, festive and magical Halloween night, whatever mischief and merriment you get up to! Siobhan xox


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Siobhan!!
When I was little I loved Halloween, and then there for awhile I thought I outgrew it. Now, I see the magic all around me and it is one of my favorite Holidays and time of year.
Tonight we are not going out ~ I am lighting lots of candles too and some incense in my little cauldron.
Oh please tell me, what is Barm Brack??
I am making popcorn balls ~ one of our traditions!
Oh, I love your dress ~ I like dresses I can wear the way I want ~ I think it would be perfect over leggings.
I have just been over to Moonslipper and drooling over the spell bottles. Now I need to check out my horoscope. I was born on the cusp (August 22)Leo/Virgo. I think I am more Virgo though...
Sorry for the rambling comment, I guess I am all psyched up it's Halloween!

Jessica said...

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween! (There must be something in the air lately, I haven't been feeling up to par lately either!)

Such an adorable dress, can't wait to see it! And now I'm off to read what's in store for the Boar in 2011.