Saturday, June 8, 2013

The first week of June

June has begun with a burst of blue skies and rare sunshine this year - hooray!

Every minute possible is spent outside, soaking up the warmth and pottering around in the fields or forestry.

A few snapshots from this first week of summer:

Early morning sunlight in the forestry

Cotton buds

Daisies are everywhere

Fields filled with golden buttercups
A jar full of feathers
A lone dandelion
Treasures found on an evening walk
Sitting in traffic in the sunshine

In our local bookshop.  I think I may have to buy...
Hope you're enjoying June as much as we are so far.  Until next week - ~Siobhan xo 


Little Gothic Horrors said...

Oh, those summery shots are wonderful, Siobhan! What a beautiful part of the world to live in! :) And that ghostie book looks very interesting. I'll have to look that up!

Enjoy the lovely weather! (We've got the heating on in wintery Australia.) ❤

The Wild Fairy said...

Thanks Emma! We've had really dreadful weather here for the past year so this sun is a bit hypnotic! haha! It's hard to imagine the heating on in Australia - brrr! xo

Jo May said...

Hi Siobhan,
Hooray, flaming June is here to stay, I hope! :-)
It is lovely to visit you this morning and to see your forest photos. I enjoy blogging more than facebook in some ways, and seeing people's nature posts of the seasons.
I think you are holding a beautiful owl feather. A special gift from the birds!
Enjoy the ghost book, it looks like it will be a spooky read!

The Wild Fairy said...

So glad you dropped by Jo! I had absolutely *no idea* that was an owl feather - I'm over the Moon that I found such a treasure! We have a large owl here, I've only seen him flying at very late dusk, and I'm guessing it's around 3-4 foot span. I love them and your own post was magic! xo

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Haha. Yes, I've already been told by an American buddy, in one of the northern states, that we've got a pretty wussy idea of what qualifies as "cold" in Oz. ;)