Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July has begun

We're baking in a heat wave here in Ireland this week - and loving it!

Some photos from the first few days of July:

Old gate - I love the latch

Pre-breakfast photos in sunhat, pyjamas and wellies. 

Beautifully scented rose in the garden

My new go-to hot weather fragrance. Lemon, green tea and wood!

Half-eaten Birthday Breakfast in Dublin. Crepes, bananas, pecans, yummmmy....

Birthday present from a dear friend

A girl can never have enough Chanel, right? :)
My fixation with lichen continues...
An Irish summer sunset. Celestial.
Enjoy these July days! ~Siobhan xo


Little Gothic Horrors said...

Happy Birthday, Siobhan! ❤

Lovely photos, especially the shadow one, which is just adorable!

Is your birthday the 9th? I know it's early July, but don't know the exact date!

The Wild Fairy said...

Thank you Emma! I share my birthday with Anjelica Houston on the 8th! I had such a nice day with my hubby. :)

Jo May said...

Hi Siobhan,
Sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday, fellow Cancerian!

Thank you for showing such a lovely post. It makes me think about enjoying the simple things in life more and being less complicated about things. You are so lucky to live in Ireland.
Enjoy the sun!
Best wishes,

Willow said...

Hello Sioban,
Happy Belated birthday.
I happened to wander over from Jo Mays' blog.
Beautiful ~ your Irish Summer sunset !

Willow said...

Sorry I clumsily slipped on a key and spelled your fabulous name wrong ...
correction " Siobhan " ...and such a lovely name it is.
Xo Willow

Anonymous said...

I too love the shadow picture…and I lust after that gate latch. You live in a lovely part of the world…thanks for showing it to us!