Sunday, September 1, 2013

Autumn has arrived

August flew by for us, lots of work, not much downtime and BAM - it's suddenly September and there's a definite chill in the air.

I love this time of year, the approach to Halloween (best holiday ever!) and that scent of dried leaves, moss and mustiness that starts around now.

A few photos from the past two weeks here in Ireland:

Bales outside the kitchen.  Clear blue sky.
The front door smothered in honeysuckle. The scent is incredible.
Starbucks scone recipe. I've never eaten one but the recipe looked yummy. It was!
Wheat for our Lughnasa festivities.
Old roofs, in traffic, on the way to Dublin.
Getting in the Halloween frame-of-mind!
Happy Autumn to you all! ~Siobhan xx


Little Gothic Horrors said...

The total opposite here. First days of Spring and we've had beautiful, fresh, sunny days. I get a bit wistful about our topsy-turvy seasons in Australia, especially around Halloween, but as they say, "fake it till you make it"... even if artificial Autumn leaves will be the order of the day! ;D

Love your beautiful photos. The honeysuckle around the front door is swoon-worthy and the vintage witches are just adorable! xo

The Wild Fairy said...

I know you love Halloween Emma - I'm whooshing some of those scents across the oceans to you! It is hard to imagine that beautiful Spring-like weather happening now! So glad you like the photos, wouldn't you love to be in that witch group? ;) xo

Jo May said...

How you described autumn is exactly how I feel about the season. I personally think it is the best time of year if it is not raining!
The low sun and fresh mornings are so magical.
I will have to look up that Starbucks scone recipe, they look delicious!
Have a wonderful witchy time this autumn.
Best wishes,
Jo. xx

The Wild Fairy said...

Thanks Jo - wishing you a wonderful Autumn also! Yes, the rain can make it murky instead of magical! :) I feel it's the best season as well before the gloomy slump into November! xo

Vivienne Moss said...

This is my favorite time of year too. Like you, I love the scent and feel of Autumn. Love the pictures. Your front door looks very inviting. The witch photo is awesome!

Jo May said...

Hi again Siobhan,
Thank you very much for your lovely commment on my blog. I'm really glad you managed to leave a comment in the end. The same comment turned up on 2 posts which is very odd!
Sending you best wishes this autumn in lovely Ireland.
I will be apple picking in our new garden as we have found a house, so you were right!
The new home is closer than we thought, we are moving in 2 weeks time! ;-)
Catch up with you again soon when i am settled and you have done a new post!
Jo. xxx